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"Melnitsa" is a culinary paradise for lovers of Georgian and European cuisine, located within the city of Kharkiv on the banks of the river.

Restaurant • "Melnitsa" restaurant, Kharkiv

"Melnitsa" restaurant is a real culinary paradise, where you can enjoy an unparalleled combination of Georgian and European dishes. Located in the picturesque city of Kharkiv, on the banks of the river, our restaurant offers you unforgettable experiences, cozy halls, a summer terrace in an apple orchard, as well as the most delicious dishes and high-quality service.

Restaurant • "Melnitsa" restaurant, Kharkiv
Work time: from 11:00 to 21:30

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  • Restaurant • "Melnitsa" restaurant, Kharkiv

A luxurious menu that will satisfy every taste

Restaurant • "Melnitsa" restaurant, Kharkiv

At the "Melnitsa" restaurant, we are proud of the variety of our menu, which combines the best dishes of Georgian and European cuisine. Our chefs skillfully prepare each dish using only the freshest ingredients. You will be able to taste classic Georgian khachapuri, juicy steaks, aromatic meat dishes and much more. Our menu takes into account the needs of each guest, including vegetarian and children's options. You will be pleasantly surprised by the unsurpassed taste and high quality of our dishes.

Cozy halls for unforgettable moments

Restaurant • "Melnitsa" restaurant, Kharkiv

In our restaurant "Melnitsa" we have created cozy halls where you can enjoy delicious meals and spend unforgettable moments. Each hall reflects a unique atmosphere and style, creating an ideal environment for an evening dinner, a family holiday or a business meeting. You will be able to enjoy the unsurpassed taste of dishes in a warm and cozy atmosphere that creates an unforgettable atmosphere of communication and pleasure.


Total capacity is 50 people. It is more suitable for small companies of 4-10 people for lunch or dinner. There is an air conditioner, and a fireplace will add warmth and coziness.

Hall "White Banquet"

A large, bright hall with a view of the river for 60-100 people. It has an additional exit to the summer playground. Perfect for a wedding, anniversary or corporate party.

Hall "Banquet with a fireplace"​

A cozy hall for 30-50 people. It is very suitable for celebrating family holidays, a child's birthday, or a corporate party. The fireplace will add warmth and coziness.

VIP Hall

It comfortably accommodates 8-14 people. There is an additional room with a soft sofa and armchairs. Great for business meetings, small family celebrations and small weddings.

Food delivery - the taste of the "Mill" restaurant at a time and place convenient for you

Restaurant • "Melnitsa" restaurant, Kharkiv

If you want to enjoy the taste of dishes from the "Melnitsa" restaurant in the comfort of your home or office, we offer a food delivery service. Our gastronomic masterpieces can be delivered to you at a time and place convenient for you. Ordering food from the "Melnitsa" restaurant is a guarantee of freshness, quality and unsurpassed taste. We take care of every detail so that you can enjoy delicious meals without any extra hassle.